EASE has been directed by its Board of Directors to take actions to wind down the sales of its diagnostic and emissions equipment by September 30, 2018.

On October 1, 2018, EASE will be merging with DENSO Products & Services Americas, Inc.

As a result of this, effective immediately;

EASE/DENSO will continue to provide for the fulfillment of ongoing warranty obligations. Outside of warranty issues, you can purchase items from EASE’s limited stock (such as vehicle interfaces and cables) until September 26, 2018. There are no returns or refunds on these items. All sales are final and must be paid for in full at the time of purchase.

OBD2 Scan Tool,
J2534 Programming,
and OBD2 Software
Automotive Diagnostic Tools

OBD Scan Tool for PC with most feature rich software available.
J2534 Interface, use stand alone or as scan tool with obd2 software. Optional wireless.

Scan Tool


The EASE OBD II Scanner turns your PC into a powerful scan tool providing Generic and Enhanced OEM diagnostics for OBD2 (OBD II) compliant vehicles.  Most feature rich obd software available. Wireless option available.


J2534 Programming

J2534 reprogrammer

The EASE J2534 Programming System II+ is a complete J2534 pass thru solution: includes J2534 programmer and J2534 Reprogramming Assistant to guide you. Optional add-ons: OBD2 Scan Tool and Off-board.


PC Scope

PC Scope

Turn your PC into a powerful, high resolution oscilloscope with the EASE PC Scope Software and the PicoScope 4225 automotive oscilloscope. Combine with the EASE PC Scan Tool to create the ultimate diagnostic workstation.


OBD2 Vehicle Inspection Software and Services

vehicle inspections

Introducing VehicleMRITM
The Most Comprehensive Web-Based Electronic OBD2 Vehicle Inspection, Analysis and Vehicle Condition Reporting System.  VehicleMRI finds problems that hide inside a vehicle's internal electronic systems by capturing and analyzing obd data to identify car problems you cannot see.

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Emissions Inspection and OBD2 Vehicle Simulator

emissions inspections

EASE is a certified Emissions Inspection System provider for North Carolina and Pennsylvania. EASE offers a total solution to OBD II Emissions testing. Create a virtual OBD II vehicle for testing with the EASE OBD2 Simulator; supports all OBD2 protocols.

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About EASE Diagnostics

Automotive Information Specialists
EASE Diagnostics is the industry leader in PC-based automotive diagnostic and information products with over 19 years of success and numerous industry awards for innovative product design. 

EASE Diagnostics

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What's New

PC Scan Tool

EASE Scan Tool Version X3 Pro - Complete Scan Tool or Scan Tool Software Only for OBD2 (obd ii) Compliant Vehicles with Expanded OEM Diagnostics

EASE PC Scan Tool Version X3 is here!! Fix cars faster and easier - Turn your PC into a Powerful Automotive Scan Tool with the most feature rich software available! Extensive data coverage, more controllers, data, and bi-directional controls make this our best OBD2 scanner ever! Scan tool software updates available for current owners.

PC Scan Tool Software Update

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Update Your EASE Scan Tool to X3

J2534 Device

J2534 Programming System for all J2534 Compliant ECUs includes J2534 Interface, Exclusive J2534 Reprogramming Assistant to Guide You.  Optional OBD2 Scanner and Off-board

The new EASE J2534 Programming System II+ provides J2534 reprogramming for all J2534 compliant vehicles - virtually all 1996 and newer Domestic, Asian and European vehicles. System includes our exclusive J2534 Reprogramming Assistant Software that guides you through the J2534 pass thru reprogramming process ensuring a successful J2534 programming event. Expand the capabilities of your J2534 device with Optional scan tool software and off-board ECU J2534 programming.

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EASE J2534

Add Scan Tool Software to EASE or any J2534 Compliant J2534 Interface

The EASE J2534 Programming System II can be used for more than just J2534 pass-thru programming. You can also perform generic OBD2 and enhanced OEM diagnostics by adding the EASE PC Scan Tool Software. The EASE J2534 Programming System II can be both a J2534 pass thru device and an OBD2 scan tool using a single J2534 interface. The EASE OBD 2 scan tool software can also be added to any J2534 compliant device.

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J2534 Interface

Add EASE's Scan Tool Software, J2534 Reprogramming Assistant and Off-board ECU J2534 Programming to your Drew Tech Cardaq J2534 interface or Snap-on Pass Thru Pro J2534 Interface

Drew Tech's CarDAQ and Snap-on's Pass Thru Pro II J2534 interfaces can be used for more than just J2534 programming with EASE add-ons.    Double the use of your J2534 device - add scan tool software to turn your J2534 interface into a powerful OBD II scan tool. Triple the power by adding the ability to perform off-board ECU J2534 programming. And finally to ensure you have a successful J2534 programming event, add the J2534 reprogramming assistant to guide you thru the J2534 pass-thru process.

EASE Add On's for Drew Tech's CarDAQ

EASE Add-On's for Snap-on's Pass Thru Pro

EASE wins TST Award

EASE Receives Top Ten Tools Award from TST

Technicians Service Training (TST) presented EASE with a Top Ten Tools award for the EASE PC Scan Tool. 

Thanks TST!


Scan Tool Software

Do it Yourself Mechanics - Get OEM scan tool software for your ELM327, Mongoose and EASE vehicle interface.

With the EASE scan tool software for DIYers, you can now expand the capabilities of your ELM327 or Mongoose interface to access OEM proprietary systems to view and record data, read and clear enhanced DTCs, and perform bi-directional controls on virtually all proprietary systems.

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